Booking a Hotel Room is a Bad Investment, too.

by Royal Holiday
Streamside at Vail, in Colorado, may be a very good investment if you plan on staying more than 4-5 months per year.

Streamside at Vail, in Colorado, may be a very good investment if you plan on staying more than 4-5 months per year. It’s on special now, and you only need to book 7 nights to get 2 free.

We hear this one all the time.

“A holiday club is a terrible investment. When it’s all over, you don’t own anything. All you’re doing is saddling your heirs with another expense. Timeshares are just for people who can’t do the math.”

Booking a hotel room is a bad investment, too.

It’s a negative view of the world, and it’s surprising how deeply such negativity can penetrate into peoples’ thinking.

The truth is… any time you pay to rent a hotel room you’re making a lousy investment, too.

Every splurge on a bottle of champagne is a bad investment. Every foot massage is money out the window.

The luxury market is full of bad investments.

Look at it this way. For people who like to travel, the idea of buying a vacation home everywhere that you want to go just doesn’t enter into the picture.

Imagine. “If only we could buy another condo in the Dominican Republic, then we could go there in addition to Costa Rica every year.”

Buying condos and vacation bungalows for use less than 6 months a year is probably not smart investment, even for people who invest a lot.

For people who travel a lot – even just once a year – it pays to stay on top of things and to get a little more disciplined about how and where and why you do it. That’s what Royal Holiday offers.

For people who make a commitment to at least one really good vacation every year, Royal Holiday is the answer.

You know what? Some years they can’t travel. Some years things come up or situations change and there’s a chance the expense will be really wasted. In those years, Royal Holiday really will step up to see what other options are available.


But let’s take a closer look at a simple scenario.

For 2011 and 2012, a silver level member paid their annual fee of $615. In exchange for that payment, they received an annual allotment of 15,000 Holiday Credits. You could also add 1 thirtieth of their initial contract payment.

Northern Patagonia

Not ready to buy in Patagonia? You can still visit, and you shouldn’t feel bad about it. We’ll even give you 2 Free Nights when you travel this fall.

The high season charge for a week at the Park Royal Cancun is 14,249 Holiday Credits.  So very nearly the entirety of the annual allotment will be spent on this one week.

Remember, it’s $615 + one thirtieth of contract + air + All Inclusive for 2 people, $546.

In the end, a member can enjoy a week, no less than 7 days, for about US$2000.

Sure, you can probably find 4 or 5 day for under that, if you don’t include meals.

When people talk about “Investments” as if “buying a home in Cancun or Vallarta was something that surely makes more sense,” they are very often the people who don’t see the value of 7 days for about US$2000.

Without Royal Holiday, that is, ad hoc, your vacation cost will come in much more realistically, at somewhere between $3,000 and $4,500. That’s more like the cost someone who travels every 4 to 5 years will expect to pay.

Now if you want to talk about return on investment, try to calculate a lifetime of these memorable, often fantastic, luxury vacations. Some of them are extravagant. Some may be more simple and just cause you needed to get away.

And that’s how Royal Holiday works!


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