“I Really Can’t Go”

by Royal Holiday

Can Royal Holiday members Send Friends or Family without Accompanying them?

What if you really can’t travel one year?

Royal Holiday member, Cristina O., called from Minneapolis last week. She made a reservation at the Park Royal Cozumel last July for November 7-10, 2012.

Just a day and a half inside of the 30 day cancellation deadline her boss canceled her vacation for her and put her on a committee auditing one of her firm’s most important clients. “I don’t necessarily blame him. There are some things in business that really are more important than fun.”

Cozumel hotel and resort

You know exactly what they’re getting into. (Park Royal Cozumel)

Cristina’s generosity didn’t stop with her boss though. Her sister, Rebeca T, has been holed up in the same situation for months. Switching the vacation from one name to the other took just a minute. In fact, Rebeca had her own Royal Holiday reservation booked for this coming February, so Cristina will travel in February.

Two sisters swapping vacations is convenient, easy and fortunate. But it’s not always possible. In some cases, members will really have to sacrifice their vacations, but you don’t have to sacrifice your Holiday Credits. 

A few different situations could come up that prevent you from traveling or from totally using all of your Holiday Credits each year. The same situations could cause you to lose all or most of your Holiday Credits, but they don’t have to.

Some Royal Holiday members simply forget to take a vacation until it’s too late.

Others juggle nightmare schedules where things come up that can’t be put off and holidays are ruined with one phone call. These tend not to be the complainers though. The busier the Royal Holiday member, actually, the more likely they are to be enjoying their vacations one way or another.

Satisfied Royal Holiday travelers are religious about calling us to roll over credits from one year to the next. But lots of members simply forget to book early enough, can’t get the time off, or neglect to really plan to take care of themselves.

The unsatisfied members don’t realize that Royal Holiday is designed to really be used at least once every two years. If you can’t get your vacation in, and you really won’t send someone else, then you really are losing money – and a lot more.

Satisfied members know that for every year that they can roll over 100% of unused Holiday Credits, there’s a following, leaner year, when they will only be able to roll over 20% of that same annual allotment.

For someone who really can’t travel before the end of the year, this can present a big dilemma. Again, you really do risk losing 80% of your annual allotment of credits if you can’t roll them over.

Likewise, if you’re canceling a reservation inside of 30 days, you face a complete sacrifice of all your Holiday Credits.

You don’t have to lose everything though.

The fact is, if you really can’t go, you can send someone else in your place.

Your membership is flexible, always ready and it’s open for your guests to take advantage of it. In a sense, it’s just as if you were sending your friends or family members to your own vacation condominium or to your time share.


It might not be as much fun (for you), but your friends, family, guests, in-laws or neighbors are going to love you. 


Here’s what you need to remember:

  1. You need to call, and formally change the name on the reservation. Have the complete details – name and contact information – of your guest. You may also make a new reservation entirely in the name of the party traveling.
  2. Your guests need to carry with them a simple letter explaining to the hotel management that they are traveling on your behalf as Royal Holiday guests. This letter should be signed by you.
  3. Guests will also need an internationally recognized credit card to secure the room.
  4. Keep in mind that your guests are traveling in your name. Royal Holiday maintains a membership roster of responsible and distinguished guests who live up to the Club’s name. So, we ask that you recommend – and send – guests willing to live up to the honor. Hotels may refuse future reservations in your name should your guests violate any of the regulations while on the hotel premises.

Call Royal Holiday membership services if you have any doubts about being able to use your annual allotment. In the event you need to cancel, or you’re sure you can’t travel, we’ll be happy to review a range of options that allow you – or your friends and family – to better use your Holiday Credits before they expire.




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