Ten Big Differences Between Royal Holiday and Normal Hotel Travel

by Royal Holiday

Royal Holiday travelers visit six continents each and every year. In a given year, that will mean close to 50,000 individual reservations for upwards of 100,000 people.

A travel club means more extras, and more frequent travel. It’s actually far more than a sequence of hotel reservations and stale old hotel vacations.

We put this list together in case you were wondering what you’re missing out on when you want to go it alone, with out your club backing it up. Without further ado, here’s our list of

The Ten Biggest Differences between Regular Hotel Travel and Your Royal Holiday Membership…


Regular Travelers…

Royal Holiday Travelers…


Travel sometimes, when they can afford it, but usually skip vacations Take a serious, relaxing and fulfilling vacation at least once per year.


Frequently follow a “binge & purge” cycle of one big expensive vacation every 4-5 years and then no travel during most intervening years. The commitment to at least one really good vacation – every year – pays off, and it pays off every year.


Vacation planning is ad-hoc, somewhere new every time you go, and never quite thorough enough. Disappointments are frequent. Vacation planning starts way in advance, frequent returns to favorite locations require less planning, and, thus, overall satisfaction is higher.


Have to guess at a lot of vacation costs. Vacation costs vary wildly, with many expensive additional cost and Budgeting is more effective with a lot better forecasting ability. The bulk of any vacation cost is pre-paid and extra costs are minimized.


 Almost everything is pay as you go… Accommodation costs are pre-paid so extras and unexpected changes are handled better and are usually better planned for, too.


Services and amenities can vary from the very cheap to the extremely expensive. Royal Holiday travelers expect a minimum standard of excellence. In general, Royal Holiday resorts, hotels and condos exceed prevailing standards for quality of service, amenities and extras.


Mattresses and bedding are hope-for-the-best, at best, although you can keep paying your way up the quality ladder. Royal Holiday screens participating hotels for quality, and the Park Royal Club Resorts are actually world famous for comfort, service and quality. And the bedding is outstanding.


Need to minimize travel party sizes due to unpredictability, along with all the other factors Royal Holiday travelers, in part because they can better plan, are better prepared to bring larger traveling groups, extended families, kids and older adults.


Hotel rates go up – every year. And every year your total vacation cost goes way up. Like with a timeshare, Royal Holiday travelers have locked in accommodation costs for many years to come. Although your annual membership fee may go up slightly, the overall value stays the same – as do the Holiday Credits costs – for the life of your membership.


Generally vacations are only planned in hotels or resorts which can be tiring, unpredictable and uncomfortable. Royal Holiday travelers choose between hotels, resorts and vacation condominiums. Apartment style condos in the heart of city neighborhoods are just the most recent trend, but many of our locations offer much more accommodating rooms, often with kitchens, patios and even living rooms.

Have you noticed the difference between traveling EVERY YEAR with Royal Holiday and what you used to do, sometimes, when you thought of it?   Please let us know in the comments section below.

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