What to Know for a Great Road Trip

by Royal Holiday

A road trip can be a fantastic way to get to a vacation destination, because it allows you to see what lies between you and your journey’s end without the hassle of air travel. The road trip has a long history, and following the advice of those who have driven before you can make your experience that much better. Keep the following tips in mind when getting ready to embark on an epic road trip.

– Make sure your car is in solid shape mechanically. It may seem like a no-brainer, but you should have your car serviced, or service it yourself if you have the know-how, before you go. Check your oil, transmission fluid, and engine coolant levels; make sure your belts and hoses have tight connections; assess your wiper blades; and test your tires, turn signals, brake lights, and headlights.

– Avoid excessively long driving days. Spending 15 hours behind the wheel can be rough, and you’re likely to be a worse driver at the end of the day than you were at the beginning of it. To stay safe, keep your driving to less than 11 hours a day, like long-haul truckers are supposed to, and stop for a stretch and a break every few hours along the way.

– Keep your schedule loose. You may run into construction or traffic, and you don’t want to end up throwing off your whole trip by running a few hours late. Building room into your trip for deviation also allows you to get off the main roads and explore a little bit if you want to take a scenic detour.

– Bring snacks. You may have trouble finding more than junk food at gas stations and stores by the side of the road, so make sure you bring something healthy to eat. Try packing a cooler and filling it with ice, fruit, cut-up vegetables, and sandwiches to keep your body happy. In addition, bring a water bottle to make sure you stay hydrated.

– Adjust to local conditions. Your car has to work a lot harder to go up a mountain than it does to cruise a straight, flat road. Adjust your driving style accordingly. Your vehicle has to take you a long way, and if you treat it kindly, you’ll save it from excessive wear and tear.

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