50 Reasons to Go All-Inclusive in 2013

by Royal Holiday
all inclusive

All-Inclusive: It’s not just another Tourist Buffet

Royal Holiday travelers visit some of the most beautiful places on Earth.

There are holidays for free spirits and home-bodies, the adventurous, the couch potato and vacations for all their families too. But if you’re dedicated to taking one or two holidays every year, all of that holiday can get to be a lot of work.

Really – if you want to bring everybody together – and not lose your shirt – All-Inclusive is probably the best way to do it.

Some of the most popular Royal Holiday “Club Resorts” are also All-Inclusive, and there are good reasons they’re so popular.

Here’s a list of 50 of them – 50 good reasons to re-consider All-Inclusive before you write-off another All-Inclusive holiday.

  1. All-Inclusive is a way of pre-paying as much as possible – before your holiday gets going.
  2. Because there’s no currency exchange, and no money confusion, there’s also a lot less risk of surprise.
  3. There’s also no problem with tips, gratuities or extras. It’s all pre-paid.
  4. Your valuables are safe in your room or in the strong box.
  5. You’re really not carrying any money around with you, in any currency.
  6. Since you’re not whipping out a credit card four or five times a day…
  7. You’re able to completely budget for the vacation, and with far fewer expensive “unexpecteds.”
  8. That kind of Vacation Risk Management means you’re able to relax better, more and more completely.
  9. That makes the whole thing far more relaxing – who ever had that idea to make vacations and travel more stressful, anyway?
  10. Since you’re actually relaxing, you can plan some fun…
  11. Or plan nothing.
  12. Your days are yours, your nights are yours, there’s sea, sun, sky, breeze and more.
  13. As your vacation is always an investment in yourself, you’re then better able to get the MOST out of your investment.
  14. You’ll likely find that after a day spent enjoying all of this, you’re now sleeping better.You’re also then better able to travel with kids
  15. And kids suffer far less from unpredictable menus, diet changes or “the unknown.”
  16. Of course, because you’re not worrying about feeding the kids, or snacks or paying for it, the time you spend with the kids is that much better.
  17. Some resorts are designed just for families with kids.
  18. The Park Royal “Club Resorts” cater to couples and families AND kids, so there is plenty to do for kids,
  19. And parents can get a break too.
  20. Have you ever stayed in a hotel with kids where you were responsible for providing breakfast, lunch and dinner, plus in-between snacks? What kind of vacation is that?
  21. The Park Royal club resorts, and most All-Inclusives, will let the kids run back to the refreshment stand as many times as they want. You’re no longer digging for more bills, and never angry that the kids always seem to want more.
  22. There’s even a pool just for the kids and safe, personable and professionally trained activities leaders who will keep the kids busy all afternoon.
  23. Taking it one step closer to perfection, you can even schedule a baby-sitter and enjoy your own night out, with the kids safe in the hotel.
  24. Tired of the big, always fresh, always different tourist buffet? Try a specialty restaurant – just for dinner.
  25. There are always special a la carte entrees and plenty of appetizers, drinks and desserts – with no limit on what you can enjoy.
  26. How about travel with parents or seniors? How would you like to make that easier?
  27. Everything in one big beautiful resort means you’re not driving off to some restaurant just because it’s mealtime.
  28. You’re also not stressing seniors’ ability to move at their own paces. “Meet me downstairs when you’re ready.”
  29. Your father-in-law is sensitive to the sun? There’s a nice mix of sun and shade and no pressure to move on. Or set up shop in the lobby. It’s the perfect place to hold court and get the best out of the grandkids.
  30. How about joining seniors at their table, without adding to their check?
  31. The fact is, All-Inclusive is simply the ONLY way to vacation for families with different age-groups who require different eating schedules.
  32. Or larger groups, of say seven or eight people. Can you really spend all that time together? All-Inclusive gives larger groups more freedom to spread out and come back together when they’re ready – or when they’re hungry.
  33. Imagine getting everyone to the table, or maybe leaving a couple out, three to four times a day – everyday.
  34. And paying cash for everything? What kind of vacation is that?
  35. All-Inclusive means you’ve got no cash on you. Nothing to stuff in your shoe when you jump in the water.
  36. You don’t bring your wallet to the beach.
  37. Even if you lose your wallet at the beach, your vacation goes on.
  38. You don’t bring any valuables at all to the beach.
  39. In fact, so long as we can get you to the airport, you’re totally covered even if you lose everything.
  40. Guess what? Local thieves have figured this out. You’re not carrying anything. The prospects for thieves are so bad, they’ve usually left the neighborhood.
  41. You’re certainly safer, even if you aren’t familiar with everything new and exciting and different.
  42. The Park Royal “Club Resorts” are all still right in the heart of everything, so you really can venture out. Just take the cash you need and enjoy, and be careful.
  43. Park Royal resorts even have staff on hand to direct you, to the clubs, shopping, points of interest or even organized tours and car rentals. Most other All-Inclusives will offer a similar service.
  44. All-Inclusive resorts also offer you more in terms of an indoor – outdoor mix. Sure you’re going to the beach, but how much time can you really spend there?
  45. How about common areas where you can really feel at home?
  46. Restaurants where there is no pressure to leave, or spend more, or drink more?
  47. Remember, there’s far less need to really seek a good place to relax, cause we’ve got plenty. Royal Holiday travelers are scheduling regular and fulfilling vacations because that’s what they signed up for.
  48. Though adding all of your food, drinks and activities onto one pre-paid bill will cost you a little more upfront, it’s really the crowning touch to make sure your vacation is full and complete, for body, mind and spirit. And the savings in the long run, are more than what you’re paying for.
  49. Try getting three restaurant meals a day, plus drinks and entertainment, starting at US$39. I mean really…
  50. Because almost all of the “Club Resorts” where Royal Holiday travelers vacation are also All-Inclusive – they’re also the ones offering the most frequent incentives, savings, free-nights and extras.

Park Royal Ixtapa

Who said good budgeting can’t be fun?

“Ok, but just one more!”

Grand Park Royal Cancun Caribe

Imagine pre-paying everything – and actually saving.

I haven’t seen my wallet in 6 days. Oh, well…

Life is not just a day at the beach, but vacation is…

Park Royal Ixtapa

What? No money? No problem.

If you haven’t tried All-Inclusive in a while, 2013 is the time to do it. We’ll be announcing specials and incentives – including FREE nights – throughout the coming year. For an almost complete list of what’s (likely) not included in All-Inclusive click here.


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