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If you thought that the most important beach in Mexico is part of the Caribbean, you are wrong, but would you like to know which one it is? The most important beach in Mexico faces the Pacific, yes, you guessed right, it’s Acapulco. Get to know part of its history here and all that it has to offer. Come with Royal Holiday and learn the history of the most famous beaches in Mexico!



Discover the history of this Pacific beach and with a timeline of important events.

In 1486 Acapulco started to be part of the Aztec empire in Ahuizol’s reign.  The word Acapulco, on its Nahuatl origin, means “Lugar de Cañas” or “Reeds place” and it was founded more than two thousand years ago by the Tlahuica Indians.


In 1521, Acapulco’s Bay was discovered by Francisco Chico. However, in the colonial era, the first European visitor that this land received was the famous Hernán Cortés. Cortés was the one who made the call to build galleons and start exploring the seas.

In 1550, 30 Spanish families that came from Mexico City were installed on Acapulco’s port to establish a town on the perimeter of the bay.


In the year 1565, Fray Andrés de Urdaneta came from the Philippines and landed on Acapulco’s Bay finding a new navigation route that would last for more than 200 years. This commercial route would connect Asia and Spain through Mexico in the famous Manila Galleon or Nao from China. The landing goods from the East were exchanged by-products from Spain, Mexico, and Peru in the popular trade fairs. These events shortly catched the eye of the pirates who, on various occasions, attacked Acapulco’s Bay.


In 1599 the king of Spain, Charles II, named Acapulco as a city.

During the time of Viceroyalty, in 1617, Adrián Boot built the Fort of San Diego, (which was destroyed by the earthquake in 1776) nonetheless, the fortress was rebuilt and now has a museum inside.


In 1811, during the Mexican Independence war, José María Morelos tried to take possession of the Fort of San Diego but failed in his task.

On July 30th, 1909 a strong earthquake shook Acapulco.


In 1927, the president Plutarco Elías Calles finished the road from Mexico City to Acapulco, however, the process of construction started in 1920 during the presidency of Alvaro Obregón.

In 1928, the first Airport in Acapulco was built during the presidency of Miguel Alemán. In this same presidency, the main avenue in the bay was built and named after the president: Avenida Costera Miguel Alemán.

In 1929 the first commercial flights towards Acapulco’s airport started, the visitors would come down from the plane and see Playa de Hornos as the first view of the city.


In 1947 the president Miguel Alemán, finally inaugurated the avenue named after him and the GOLDEN AGE OF ACAPULCO started.

In the 50’s Acapulco became one of the most famous beaches worldwide, due to how expensive and unsafe traveling to Europe was. Tourists from all around the world decided to travel to Acapulco, making this destination one of the most popular ones.

Famous political figures, athletes, and celebrities visited year by year Acapulco. Elizabeth Taylor, John F. Kennedy, Frank Sinatra among others, made this destination a home away from home.

In 1953, Acapulco’s International airport was inaugurated. This new airport was constructed by the Ministry of Communications and Public Work.



Acapulco, the most famous beaches had an uncommon growth since it received national and international investments. Due to this, Acapulco is now divided into 3 very well-known areas:

  • Acapulco Tradicional, located from Caleta to the park Papagayo. From the 30’s to the 40’s, Acapulco had plenty of urban and communication services and the first hotels and houses for tourists were built here.
  • Acapulco Doradogoes from the Krystal Beach hotel to the Naval Base. This area of Acapulco opened a lot of new Hotels that welcomed a lot of tourists from the 50’s to the 70’s.
  • Acapulco Diamante,this famous area starts in the escénica highway and finishes in Barra Vieja. Hight quality hotels, modern condos, private villas, and luxury residences are only a few things you’ll find here.



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