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“Isla de las Golondrinas” is a land full of mysticism, incredible natural landscapes and beautiful hidden corners that are waiting to be discovered. Here we share the best itinerary to see Cozumel in 5 days. Keep on reading!


Grand Park Royal Cozumel

After arriving at the port or airport and leaving your suitcases at the magnificent Grand Park Royal Cozumel, go directly to the coast, since your first adventure on this island won’t be exactly “on the mainland”.

At Atlantis Submarines Cozumel you’ll board a real submarine, the Atlantis XII, and you’ll dive to discover the colorful underwater world that surrounds this island.

Keep your eyes peeled! At more than 20 meters deep, you’ll surely see a variety of colorful fish, turtles, stingrays and much more.


San Gervasio

Wear comfortable sandals, sunglasses and a hat. Today will be a day of exploration, you will travel to the past in the San Gervasio Archaeological Site. This site is made up of several architectural ensembles that are linked together by the sacred “network of white roads”, also known as “sacbés”. Here you’ll learn about the Pre-Hispanic past of the island and its cultural worship of Ixchel – the Mayan goddess.


Eco Beach Park

Ready for a fun-filled day? At Punta Sur Eco Beach Park you will be in the largest ecological reserve on the island. With three lagoons, an observation trail, a range of boat rides, a beach club, snack bars, an eco-cafe, a tent, an area for snorkeling or kayaking, and much more; This protected natural area invites all its visitors to surround themselves with wild flora and fauna and to experience amazing ecotourism.



Beach day! The east coast of the island is home to Playa Chen Río, an ideal place for snorkeling or simply swimming in its warm and crystal clear waters. Here you will also find a wide variety of restaurants and services to enjoy with the family. A couple of kilometers north, Ixpalabarco Beach is located; it faces the open sea, so it is ideal for those who prefer extreme sports or more intense waves.


San Miguel Cozumel

To finish this tour, head to the heart of the island, the town of San Miguel de Cozumel. Here you can visit various attractions such as: Mayatlantis, the traditional “Museum of the Island”, the Cha’an Ka’an Planetarium, the iconic Coral Reef Monument or the Dolphinarium.

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