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Azul | Foto tomada de: www.queremoscomer.rest

Every year, the Culinaria Mexicana publishing house releases a list of the country’s 120 best restaurants for the coming year. It’s something a curatorial fête, but also a good way to keep up with Mexico’s incredibly dynamic and fast-changing culinary scene. The list functions as a guide and it’s widely available, at least for the first few months of each year, and maybe best of all, it’s also totally free!

All of the restaurants in the Culinaria Mexicana list can be expected to provide thoughtful, original fare – even though many of them have been open for decades. Many of them have also made appearances on multiple other lists, and all those best Mexico City restaurants have probably been reviewed in these pages.

Restaurants selected to be include are shown to have:

– Provided continuity to Mexico’s “gastronomic project”
– Quality in service
– Quality in the preparation of food
– Correct use of cooking techniques and ingredients
– Allowed for a gastronomic experience worth living (ratio of price to quality)
– Chefs or restaurateurs who support the sustainable development of regional cuisines
– Encouraged the creation of gastronomic communities in their areas
– Participate in community initiatives: altruistic values, academic conferences, editorial production, dissemination, and support for new generations of cooks

And restaurants are divided into the following categories:

– Restaurants of Traditional Mexican Cuisine
– Restaurants of Contemporary Mexican Cuisine
– International Cuisine (traditional or contemporary)

– Restaurants that have become culinary classics
– Recently opened restaurants whose culinary offerings make a great recommendation for 2017
– Hotel restaurants
– Desserts from all over Mexico (chocolate, confectionery, bakery and desserts in general)

Without further ado, the Mexico City portion of the list includes the following:

  • Amaya

Foto tomada de: news.urban360.com.mx

  • Anatol
  • Atalaya
  • Au Pied de Cochon
  • Azul
  • Bakéa
  • Biko
  • Bowie
  • Café de Tacuba
Café de Tacuba

Café de Tacuba | Foto tomada de: cafedetacuba.com.mx

  • Candela Romero
  • Carlota
  • Casa Merlos
  • Chapulín
  • Cipriani
  • Contramar
  • Danubio
  • Dulce Patria
  • El Bajío
El Bajío

El Bajío | Foto tomada de: pbs.twimg.com

  • El Cardenal
  • El Tajín
  • Eloise
  • Emilio
  • Estoril
  • Fonda Fina
  • Fonda Mayora
  • Garum
  • Guzina Oaxaca
Guzina Oaxaca

Guzina Oaxaca | Foto tomada de: foodandtravel.mx

  • Havre 77
  • Huset
  • J by José Andrés
  • J&G Grill
  • Jaso
  • Kaye
  • Kura Izakaya
  • L’Ostería del Becco
L’Ostería del Becco

L’Ostería del Becco | Foto tomada de: establecimientos.grupomedios.com

  • La Barranca Valenciana
  • La Docena
  • La Taberna del León
  • Lalo!
  • Lardo
  • Les Mustaches
  • Limosneros

Limosneros | Foto tomada de: revistaelconocedor.com

  • Maison de Famille
  • Máximo Bistrot
  • Merotoro
  • Nexo Wine Bistrot
  • Nicos
  • Paprika
  • Público Comedor
Público Comedor

Público Comedor | Foto tomada de: foodandtravel.mx

  • Pujol
  • Quintonil
  • Raíz
  • Rosetta
  • Rulfo Paraje Latino
  • Salón Ríos
  • San Ángel Inn
  • Sesame
  • Sir Winston Churchill’s
Sir Winston Churchill’s

Sir Winston Churchill’s | Foto tomada de: mapio.net

  • Sud 777
  • Suntory
  • Talo
  • Tandoor
  • The Palm
  • Yoshimi
  • Yuban
  • Zoku

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This note was taken from the MXCITY Guía Insider.

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