These Are The Best 10 Railroad Trips In The World

by Royal Holiday

It is said that some of the most beautiful destinations in the world, also have the best train rides available. It is a fact that when it comes to luxury and relaxation, very few means of transportation can compete with what trains have to offer.

Flying is all about getting there fast, but taking a train means taking your time to enjoy the ride and the experience of crossing beautiful lands that slide away with the soft sound of the railroad.

Here at Royal Holiday Travel, we bring you the best tips, tricks, and all the information so you can plan your next holiday accordingly and have a wonderful time. Today we have something for that is a little bit different for you.  Here we have some of the best train trips in the whole world.

Bernina Express

The Bernina Express is a train that connects Chur in Switzerland to Tirano in Italy and crosses the Swiss Engadin Alps. The Rhaetian Railway in the Albula / Bernina Landscapes is considered a World Heritage Site and the train line goes through this area for most of the trip. The 90-mile journey can last about four hours and goes through 55 tunnels and 196 different bridges. The landscapes crossed by the train are as diverse as they are beautiful. The climb over the Bernina pass at 7,000ft is a sight to behold that is often covered with heavy snowstorms.

The Orient Express

The Orient Express is probably one of the most famous trains in the world. The original line opened in 1883 when the first train left from Paris to Vienna. Today, the memory of the train made popular by many movies and books, remains very much alive in the hands of Venice-Simplon Orient Express, a private company that restored the original wagons from the 20’s and 30’s and runs the service from London to Venice mostly catering to leisure travelers looking for a truly luxurious experience.

The Trans-Siberian Railway

The Trans-Siberian Railway is not one, but a series of railways that connect Moscow with several destinations in the Far East of Russia. This train route is the longest rail in the world with a length of 5,772 miles and crosses three capital cities; Moscow, Ulaanbaatar the capital of Mongolia and finally Beijing in China. The Trans-Siberian Railways offers passengers what is probably the most diverse variety of landscapes as it crosses one-fifth of the world’s circumference traveling across many different and beautiful sites.

Tren Crucero

This railway in the Ecuadorian Andes was at some point considered the steepest in the world. It was abandoned towards the end of the 20th century, but it was restored once again into the beautiful experience that is today. The train ride lasts four days and it covers the 280-mile stretch between Quito and Guayaquil. The ride is a perfect way to soak in the real Ecuador, with its mountain ranges, its people and its amazing food.

The Royal Scotsman

This train is all about luxury and excess. The Royal Scotsman travels all around the Scottish Highlands and is considered the world’s most expensive train ride with fares costing a minimum of $3600. The train is composed of ten cars; two dining cars, one SPA car, five state cars, one crew car, and one observation car.

Image courtesy of Martha de Jong-Lantink at

Image courtesy of Martha de Jong-Lantink at

Maharajas Express

This luxury tourist train owned and operated by Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation. The train offers many itineraries and a great way of experiencing India in all the comfort and style. This train is very new compared to the rest, as it started offering services just six years ago. The Maharajas’ Express has already been voted “The World’s Leading Luxury Train” four times in a row at The World Travel Awards.

The Ghan

This train connects the 1,845-mile journey between Adelaide, Alice Springs, and Darwin in Australia. The trip takes about three days and four nights. The name is shortened from The Afghan Express in honor of the Afghan camel drivers who explored Australia in the 19th century trying to reach the country’s unexplored inner territories.

Rhine Valley Line

This picturesque line along the Rhine runs 185 miles from Cologne via Bonn, Koblenz, and Bingen to Mainz. This is one of Europe’s most beautiful routes and it’s all included if you have the Eurail pass. Prepare to sit back and relax as you cross German wine country.

Danube Express

The Danube Express travels through Eastern Europe in a trip filled with history and wonderful landscapes including places like Prague, Vienna, Berlin, Belgrade, Sarajevo, Trieste and more. More than a train, The Danube Express is a full hotel with many great amenities.

Rovos Rail

The Rovos Rail operates out of Capital Park Station in Pretoria, South Africa. The train hotel runs a route visiting many locations from South Africa to Namibia and Tanzania. It has different types of accommodation on board, the smallest being a Pullman, at 76 square feet and the largest being the Royal Suite, which is half a train car.

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