Europe on wheels. Discover it!

by Royal Holiday

Some might think it is conveyance from the past. Yet, European trains offer many advantages for discovering the continent. Keep reading.

Europa Reliability

Trains are one of the safest and most punctual transportation means in the world. In Europe, there are more than 150 thousand kilometers (over 93 thousand miles) of rail tracks spread out practically over all the countries, and supported by state-of-the-art infrastructure, in order to provide a competent service.

Europa Confort

Most of the lines comprise modern wagons with very comfortable interiors, offering numerous conveniences on board: train seats broader than airplane’s; dining cars; Wi-Fi; the possibility of enjoying a bed or a bunk bed when traveling overnight, and one of the best parts is that you avoid the stress involved when traveling by plane, such as long lines for checking-in, and exhaustive inspections when boarding.

Europa Inspiration

Wonderful sceneries and landscapes may be enjoyed while traveling by train: mountains, picturesque villages, rivers and woodlands.

Europa Variety

Besides the traditional train, you may pick a high speed one, like the Eurostar and the nightly train, or those that are luxurious, like the Venice Simplon- Orient Express.

Europa Ecology

Moving by train may also be glamorous, and it pollutes much less than an airplane, as it runs on electricity.
The Eurail pass is a product that has been designed especially for international travelers, with which you may easily visit from one and up to 28 countries. We advise you to book ahead in order to attain the best fares. On their web-site you may choose routes, itineraries and purchase your pass.
Remember that Royal Holiday offers you a hotel in each of the following main European cities: Paris, London, Berlin, Roma, Barcelona and Madrid. Here you may check the lodging offers, and then travel from one city to the next on the train.

It will be an unforgettable trip!

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