4 different skate park destinations around the world

by Royal Holiday

Vacation time comes again and maybe you have visited almost any type of vacation destination you can even think about. Maybe you are looking for something new and exciting to do and you want to change the game for these vacations. You are young and energetic and enjoy urban extreme sports like rollerblading, skateboarding or bmx riding. Even if you have children that are keen on urban extreme sports and want to have a fun and exciting trip to destinations where they can enjoy their sport and you can go out and see the city or country at the same time.

We give you just 4 skate park destinations. Out of hundreds that can be found around the world  that will give you the chance to visit new places and have the best urban setting to practice urban extreme sports. If you are a parent who wants to give your children an amazing vacation, or you practice these types of sports yourself, these are the best skate parks in the world to visit this year.

Vans skate park in Orange, California.

Located in 20 City Blvd W. Bldg. A. Suite 2, It is one the skate boarder mecca and a must visit if you are a pro or just an enthusiast. It is ideal for families as it has a children and amateur section. It has amazing transitions, handrails similar to street spots and a mini ramp to learn new tricks and just have fun around it.  It also has amazing stands with vending machines so you can sit and watch your children ride the park. Also if you are the one riding it, your family can sit and wait in a comfortable place. You can enjoy shopping around Orange and visit The Orange Outlets and The Village. The Orange Outlets are steps away from Disneyland Resort, Angels Stadium, Honda Center, and the Anaheim Convention Center. Disneyland is also a good destination, but you would want to go with the whole family and not leave anybody behind.

Image courtesy of Lee Siddons at Flickr.com

Image courtesy of Lee Siddons at Flickr.com

Marseille Skate Park (Bowl Marselle), France

Located in 197 Avenue Pierre Mendes, Marseille, France. It is a bowl paradise. Bowls are created to flow and to ride as if skateboarders were surfers. It is huge fun to ride and speed gives you the feeling of freedom in this park. It is  well known for its graffiti art work as for its iconic layout. The set up is perfect. In addition, it sits on one of the most scenic coastlines in the world, and has lights that allow all-hours skating. It attracts skaters from all over the world that want to enjoy the beaches, the fun and the fast skating that happens at the park.  While your children are at the park you can also enjoy the Calanques that are some  Tall cliffs by the Mediterranean Sea; the Marseille Cathedral, a massive Roman Catholic cathedral that was built in the 19th century and the Chateau d’lf. Famous for being one of the settings in the novel, The Count of Monte Cristo.

Image courtesy of Sitoo at Flickr.com

Image courtesy of Sitoo at Flickr.com

Bondi beach Skate Park, Sydney

It is located in the famous Bondi Beach in Sydney. This is a very well-known skate park for skaters in Australia. Tony Hawk has several videos in this amazing bowl that is not your traditional transition bowl. It is a bit difficult to ride. The street part is very unusual and will come strange to many traditional street skaters. Bondi beach is very big so you can usually find somewhere to set up camp, or there are some lawns where you can just sit and enjoy the fresh air.  The beach  gets busy at times,  there is a market on Sundays to buy fresh fruits and local food. The water is great and a bit strong at times but that is what makes it great for surfers and swimmers. Ideal to skate and hang out at the beach at the same time. Safety is a must at the park so you can leave your children and enjoy the rest of the beach with nothing to worry at all.

Image courtesy of Mace Ojala at Flickr.com

Image courtesy of Mace Ojala at Flickr.com

SMP Skate Park, China.

Located in 2100 Songhu Road, Shanghai, China. This skate park is one of the biggest in the world. Everything is big in china and the skate park is not the exception.  It may be overwhelming and too big for some skaters. A degree of experience is required. It is approximately 12,000 sq. meters and it includes training areas for rollerbladers and skaters and courses for BMX competitions. There are some sections for beginners as well. It features some stands for parents and visitors to watch the crazy things that happen at this huge park.

So if you are planning your next vacations and you or your children are into urban extreme sports, please go and book your trip for these amazing playgrounds for extreme athletes. There is something to do for everybody and it will be a vacation you will never forget. Please always wear your protective gear and be safe.

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