Essential Travel Toiletries

by Royal Holiday

Toiletries are among the most important items you can bring with you on a trip, as they can help keep you clean and make you more comfortable. Often, they can be difficult to acquire at your destination. However, a toiletry bag can sometimes balloon unnecessarily in size. Many people have more toiletries at home than they use, and when they’re packing, they can bring that problem with them. When you’re putting together your bag of toiletries, think small, but make sure to bring the following essentials:

– Toothbrush, toothpaste, and toothbrush cap. Having clean teeth on the road will make you feel refreshed and help you to avoid bad breath. Stick to a small tube of toothpaste and a manual toothbrush, and bring the cap to keep the toothbrush head clean.

– Floss. On top of being an essential tool for keeping your mouth clean, floss makes a great travel item. It’s remarkably versatile and can be used to tie things together, serve in place of heavy thread for emergency sewing, replace a shoelace, and more.

– Deodorant. Like toothpaste, deodorant allows you to smell pleasant and stay fresh. Keep in mind that liquids can create hassles when you travel, so opt for a stick of solid deodorant rather than a spray-on.

– Shampoo and soap. Another key source of cleanliness and comfort, shampoo and soap should always make it into your bag. Just make sure not to bring the economy-sized bottles you keep in the shower. Instead, buy a travel-sized bottle, pour the shampoo or soap into a smaller bottle, or opt for bar varieties for maximum weight and space savings.

– Nail clippers. Like floss, nail clippers can be used for multiple purposes. In addition to taking care of unexpected nail problems, they can be used to open packaging or to snip through zip ties in a pinch.

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