How to Make a Tight Connection

by Royal Holiday

Forty-five minutes, which is the amount of time many airlines and travel sites allow you to get from one flight to another, might be barely enough time to make your connection. If you get lucky, and your outbound flight is three gates down from your inbound one, you could have time to stop for a cup of coffee before you board. If, on the other hand, you have to cross the airport and go through security again, you will need much more time. To ensure you make your next connection, try the following tips:\

Research ahead of time.

Many airports provide a recommended time for connections on their websites. If you don’t have time to check on your connection before the flight, you can do some research while you’re in the air. Most in-flight magazines contain maps of the airports to which the airline regularly flies. If you find out which gates you’ll be arriving at and departing from, you can plan your route in advance.

Listen to the crew

As you come in for a landing, the crew will often announce gate information for tight connections.

Have your belongings handy.

Be ready to move as soon as the plane touches down. Have your carry-on packed up and ready to go, and make sure you’ve got your boarding pass on hand.

Talk to the gate agent.

Most airlines have gate agents nearby when a plane lands. These agents can often give you the best information on how to make your connection. If no agent is available, you can check the airport monitors to make sure you’re heading to right gate.

Allow extra time for international connections.

When you’re traveling internationally, you may need to clear customs and pick up your luggage before you can get on your next flight. Allow at least one hour, and as many as three, for international connections.

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