How to Save on An All-Inclusive Resort

by Royal Holiday

If you are traveling to an all-inclusive resort, the hope is that you can forget about money and focus on having a good time. If you plan far ahead, that may be possible. However, by paying attention to what you’re doing at the resort and looking into its policies beforehand, you can ensure that you will come out ahead at the end of your trip. Use the following tips to save on your stay at an all-inclusive resort:

– Travel during the off-peak season. Every tourist destination has a busy season. At all-inclusive resorts in the Caribbean and Mexico, the peak season often occurs during the winter in the Northern Hemisphere. Peak-season rates for all-inclusive resorts are the highest of the year, so if you travel at a time when the resort is typically quiet, you can often get a better deal.

– Know your resort. Each resort has its own policies and culture. You need to know whether the services at the resort are included in your stay or whether certain extras will incur a charge. The differences can be quite granular. For instance, regular drinks may be included in your stay, with premium liquor and wine costing extra. You also need to keep a close eye on whether tax is included or if it must be paid separately. In addition, you should check the stated policy on gratuities and find out whether it is strictly enforced. Employees at some resorts that don’t officially allow tipping are nevertheless accustomed to receiving tips.

– Know your travel party. The savings you gain from staying at an all-inclusive resort often result from considering the needs of your travel party. If you’re traveling with someone who likes to drink a lot on vacation or a child who seems to eat their weight in food every day, an all-you-can-eat or all-you-can-drink option can really help you.

– Be flexible. Prices may vary from one location to the next, even if the amenities at each are similar. If you are willing to go to the Dominican Republic rather than Mexico for your next Caribbean beach vacation, or vice versa, you might save money in the end.

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