Tips for Safe Winter Driving

by Royal Holiday

Winter can be a rough time to drive. While summer has its hazards in the form of storms and high temperatures, winter brings snow, ice, wind, and cold, which makes driving anywhere unpleasant and dangerous. In order to ensure that driving in the winter weather doesn’t put you in danger, keep the following tips in mind:

– Make sure your battery is in good shape. Cold temperatures degrade the function of car batteries. A battery that would have just enough power to start your car on a warm day might not be able to do the job when the temperature is below freezing. Ask a professional to check your car battery and inspect the system that charges it to see if any repairs are needed.

– Make sure that you have the right coolant. Even in the winter, a car needs a working coolant system in order to function properly, so make sure you do not overlook it. The coolant in the system needs to be able to withstand the cold temperatures you may face during your drive. If the coolant freezes, it can damage your car.

– Make sure your wipers and defrosters work. Reduced visibility poses a significant risk to winter driving. Check your windshield wipers, and replace the blades if they’re worn. In addition, consider using windshield wipers. Also, make sure that the defrosters in the front and rear of your vehicle are functioning correctly. If they aren’t, then you should have them repaired.

– Check your tires. In some areas, it makes sense to use snow tires during the winter. Make sure you have them installed before you need them. Also make sure your tires are in good condition, and replace older tires, as their rubber may have degraded over time, even if the tread is still intact. Make sure your tires are properly inflated, as well.

– Carry an emergency kit. Be sure you have blankets and extra clothing, emergency flares, nonperishable food, and water in your vehicle in case you get stranded.

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