5 Tips for Eating Well – Really Well – In Las Vegas

by Royal Holiday

Las Vegas is famous for excess, for too much, even for indulgence. It’s a town of endless free drinks and one of the last places on earth where folks can still smoke pretty much wherever they want. Eating well in Las Vegas is another story.


If you’re older than your twenties, all that booze and smoke is probably not exactly what you’re looking for. But the fact is, for all the flash and sizzle, Vegas has grown into a place where every possible option for eating is available. And some options are very healthy.


Here are Five Tips to make Las Vegas Eating as Good as Las Vegas Itself.


1) Survey the Buffet Before Diving In

Lots of people think Las Vegas is just about buffet breaks between hands at the tables. But be a little patient and survey each and every buffet completely. Bigger isn’t always better and plenty will offer salads and fresh fruits as well as all kinds of international fare. Make sure you’ve seen everything before picking up that first plate.


2) Avoid Sauce, Oil, Fried Anything and Breading

That sounds easy enough, right? Maybe you can cheat a little bit, but by and large these are not only the least healthy foods, they’re also often the culprits in food poisoning from food sitting too long on a buffet. Rice and potatoes can make nice complements to the lighter fare you’re piling up on.


3) Go Completely Vegetarian

It’s easier than you might think, and to the horror of old Vegas Surf & Turf  quaffers, vegetarians have made big headway pushing into the crowded Vegas spotlight.  The Canyon Ranch Spa & Club inside The Venetian and The Palazzo hotels is just one of the best-known examples. Just off the strip there are all kinds of smoothies, salads and healthier, heartier fare to keep you pumped up.


4) Bring Some Snacks from Home

This is really an easy way to keep yourself from bingeing on too much, well, garbage. Stuff some dry oatmeal, cereal bars and nuts in your suitcase. It’s not for fun but to keep you from scrimping later on. For that matter, head to the supermarket in Vegas where you’ll get good prices, and save the trouble of packing food.


5) Booze Less

What would Sin City be without the booze? Well, if your twenties are over now, then look at it this way: all alcohol is super high in calories and so it makes you fat (and drunk). There’s no nutrition and often lots of sugar too. Bingeing on carbs after a couple of beers makes you feel lousy, even if you’re really winning. If you’re gonna booze it up, stick with red wine and and harder liquor neat (not mixed).


Let us know your best Las Vegas eating and drinking tips in the comments section below. Right now there’s probably someone in Vegas who needs you!

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