Tips for Short Trips

by Royal Holiday

Sometimes a short vacation makes more sense than a long one. Maybe you only have a few days of vacation time left. Maybe your budget is limited but you still want to get away. Maybe you’re just ready for a little relaxation and the weekend seems like the perfect opportunity. Regardless of your reasons for taking a short trip, keep the following suggestions in mind to make the most of it.

– Don’t travel on a peak weekend. Travel prices typically spike on holiday weekends. Avoiding them can help you stretch your budget and make your trip a little more feasible financially.

– Use ground transportation. Driving or taking a bus tends to be the cheapest travel option for shorter trips. To reach a destination less than 400 miles from your home, a low-cost bus carrier may be easier as well as less expensive, because when you travel on the ground, you avoid airports, flight delays, and lines for security.

– Use public transit. Many major cities offer one-day or three-day passes for public transportation that turn out to be much more economical than buying trips a la carte. If you visit several attractions a day, you may save a lot of money by using one.

– Pack light. If you do choose to fly, only bring a carry-on to save money and hassle. Since you’ll likely be packing everything in one suitcase, use plastic bags inside your luggage to keep things organized. You can also usually get away with wearing the same outfit on your flight in and your flight out.

– Prepare for your trip. On a shorter trip, you have less time to wander and encounter things organically. You may only have one or two full days at your destination. So to make sure you pack them full of memorable experiences, plan ahead and have a list of things you want to see, even if you’re normally more of a “go with the flow” kind of traveler.

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