Amenities for Kids

by Royal Holiday

Even if you’re a seasoned traveler, planning a vacation that your kids will enjoy can be difficult. Luckily, many resorts cater specifically to family travelers by offering amenities for children. These can range from goodie bags and in-room video games to kids-only clubs or even an ice-cream man. If you want to give your kids a trip they’ll love, look for some of the following when selecting a resort:

—Concierges for children and teens. Standard concierge service is a great perk for adults, but kids and teenagers have their own needs. A kid-friendly concierge might be able to point a teenager to the best shopping mall or provide tips on some of the best attractions in town for children.

—Treats and performers. Many hotels offer fun and unusual experiences for kids, like a traveling candy cart or an ice-cream man who makes visits to rooms. In addition, if your kids get too much sugar, you might be able to settle them down for bed by calling on the services of a bedtime story teller.

—Entertainment. Options for children’s entertainment at hotels range from the high tech to the classic. You might find a great selection of toys and board games to borrow. For screen-time fun, you can often order up video games or a DVD player and some movies.

—Pets. Kids sometimes get understandably distraught about leaving a beloved pet behind when they go on vacation. In some places, kids can ease their homesickness by taking a hotel dog for a walk or even borrowing a goldfish for a night.

—Activities. At many resorts, a kid can almost feel like they’re at summer camp. Activities for children range from roasting S’mores to scavenger hunts. Other entertainment options include cookie decorating and poolside games like hula-hoop contests and bingo.

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