5 Ways to Do the “Working” Royal Holiday

by Royal Holiday

A Royal Holiday is a holiday that lasts a life time.

But really, what kind of holiday is it going to be?

A lavish All-Inclusive break with all the extras that lasts until you really start to miss where you call home?

Or will it be to somewhere where your cell phone never goes out of range? With 24/7 internet? Maybe you’ll even get to that report you were hoping to have done before you get back? We call it the Working Holiday.

We’re always making a renewed push for the full seven-day “really stop and enjoy yourself” holiday, but there are some Royal Holiday travelers who are just not going to buy it.

Workoholism is not something we recommend.

The Club recognizes that  –  in this economy – lots of people will not take their eye off the ball even with the most beautiful place on Earth staring them in the face.

That said – let’s take a look at getting a little more out of your working holiday – and still enjoying a totally memorable holiday.

1. Things Come Up: Sometimes you plan the perfect escape – seven full days and nothing between you and the beach. It’s our leading vacation package – and it’s what we recommend over and over and over. But then the office calls.

Some people are always going to bring a little work along. There are internet packages, and more good ways to stay in touch than the past. But don’t over do it. We recommend a limited email schedule. Say, one hour in the morning. Maybe one to two hours working and if it has to be three – then keep to the limit. You’ll make it.

2. Creativity is Everything! There’s nothing like a totally new environment to inspire – your work – your insight – and your ability to concentrate. We have plenty of inspiring locales to ratchet things up.

3. Feeling guilty? Write more down!  Whether you’re putting notes into a tablet or your otherwise useless cell-phone, lots of people find themselves brimming over with more and more ideas. Take advantage of your holiday to organize thoughts – or just write down a lot of them and save the organizing for when you get back.

4. Cut way back. Don’t solve problems. Instead use your holiday to re-imagine more perfect scenarios. Voice messages, emails and  other messages need to be dealt with – if at all – but once a day. And other than emergencies, you’ve got to keep in mind what constitutes an emergency. Establishing standards before you go is a good way to start. Don’t forget you may need to communicate those standards to the people most likely to contact you.

5. Do some catching up. If you’re staring at that now quiet lap-top, empty out and re-filter your cluttered email box. Reconnect with some old contacts with a friendly email, or send replies where you knew you should have earlier.

Keep it coming. Lots of people wouldn’t stop working even in a really robust, expanding economy. Royal Holiday members are no different. In this economy, it’s hard to justify taking any time off no matter what your role or your business. You may just find new contacts or potential clients or providers while you’re out and about. Everyone understands “holiday” differently, and if that’s what keeps you going – then keep at it, but get some holiday in too!

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