Kantun Chi, the incredible park of cenotes to live the Mayan magic

by Royal Holiday
kantun chi

Kantun Chi is an amazing ecological park located in the heart of the Riviera Maya. It has five beautiful cenotes and a wonderful underground river.

This ‘eco park’ is part of the belt of cenotes located in the region, and if you could visit one per day, you would not finish in several years! Kantun Chi is the name of the park’s main cenote, and in Mayan it means “mouth of yellow stone.” Its depth goes from 1 to 12 meters.

This paradise is just 20 minutes from Playa del Carmen heading to Tulum, and the entrance fee is worth every penny for the wonderful contact with nature that you will find there. You can visit it on your own or get a tour with a guide; also, there is a tour package that includes meals. The cenotes you can visit are as follows:

Saskaleen Ha – It means “transparent water,” and is one of the largest cenotes on the property. Just like Kantun Chi, it is the semi-open type, and its depth goes from 1 to 6 meters.

Uchben Ha – It means “ancient water”; it is uncovered towards the sky, and its maximum depth is 4 meters.

Zacil Ha – It means “clear water”, it is cavern type and upon entering, you will find incredible crystal-clear waters.

Zihil Ha – It means “where the water is reborn”; it is an open cenote where you can appreciate the fauna and great vegetation.

kantun chi

Kantun Chi, Mayan mysticism and magic

In the region you can find thousands of cenotes, whose name comes from the Mayan word dz’onot, tzonot or Ts’ono’ot, which means cavern with water.

It is easy to guess why these impressive creations were considered sacred places for the Mayan. From the moment you get into, you feel a vibe that has endured despite the years.

The underground river in Kantun Chi is one of the most magical places. You can only access to it accompanied by a guide, and there you will find impressive rock formations such as: stalactites, stalagmites, columns, anti-stalagmites, curtains, etc.

It is said that in some cenotes, the Mayan made rituals with human sacrifices, and although there is no record that something like this happened, upon entering you can feel a kind of inexplicable magic. Here, part of the experience is to discover the world of the dead, known as “Xibalba” by the Mayan.

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