What Type of Vacation Fits You Best?

by Royal Holiday

The word “vacation” means different things to different people. A vacation can be a trip to a famous city full of sights, sounds, and culinary delights, or a quiet, introspective week in the middle of nowhere without even the comforts of electricity and plumbing. When planning your next trip, think about what type of vacation you want. Below are just a few examples.

– The family trip. There are many ways to involve your extended family in your vacation. A family trip might mean taking your nuclear family to a reunion or to visit grandma and grandpa, or it might mean rendezvousing with your siblings in a far-off land or sharing a beach house for a week. Regardless, a family trip is focused on spending time with loved ones.

– The friend trip. Family members aren’t the only people you might want to reconnect with. Many people also take vacations to visit friends who live far away, or to stage reunions with those they haven’t seen in a long time. You can meet up at the home of one or more friends, or travel to a popular vacation destination. Either way, you’ll have fun rekindling old connections and taking trips down memory lane.

– The nature trip. For many people, a vacation provides the chance to get outside and enjoy nature. Depending on your tastes, that may mean camping, backpacking, canoeing, fishing, or hunting. Vacations in the great outdoors offer ample opportunities for physical activity, and they’re often a great vehicle for introducing children to the wonders of nature.

– The passion trip. Sometimes the best vacations allow you to dig in to your favorite hobby. Even the most offbeat pastimes often have national conventions, and if you’ve always wanted to meet more people who love participating in historical reenactments or building model airplanes—or whatever else you love to do—a passion trip might be the best way to do it.

– The solo retreat. If rest and relaxation are what you desire, consider taking a trip by yourself to a spa or retreat center. The time away from work, home, and even your friends and family can give you the space you need to decompress and re-energize yourself.

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