Tips for Planning Your Honeymoon

by Royal Holiday

Planning a honeymoon is a little different from planning a regular vacation. For many people, it’s meant to be the ultimate trip, a time to throw caution to the wind and travel to a place they’ve always wanted to go. However, it also means traveling with a new spouse and potentially planning for it while putting together your wedding. To get the most out of your honeymoon, use the following tips:

– Plan early. If you’ve got a long engagement, start thinking about your honeymoon well in advance. Set a budget and pick a location, then decide whether you want to book everything yourself or have a travel agent handle the legwork for you. Planning early also gives you an opportunity to get good deals on accommodations and plane tickets.

– Pick somewhere that will make you both happy. It’s important not to sacrifice one person’s enjoyment so that the other can visit their dream destination. Pick a place that appeals to both of you, and don’t be afraid to move beyond ideas like a beach vacation in paradise.

– Think about what you’ll do. Make sure that you look at more than just the beautiful photos. While you’ll certainly spend time gazing at the scenery with your new spouse at your side, you’ll also probably want to have active periods. Be sure there are activities that cater to the needs of both you and your spouse.

– Plan time for romance. Many honeymoon destinations offer romantic extras like couples massages or special dinner packages. You may want to consider booking at least one romantic moment.

– Be judicious with your time. If you’ve only got a couple of weeks, a round-the-world plane trip – as exciting as it sounds – may not be your best option. Some honeymooners get too ambitious with their plans and end up coming home exhausted.

– Use your maiden name. If you’re traveling right after your wedding, all of your identification documents will still have your maiden name on them. It’s very important, therefore, to make your travel reservations using that name.

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