Unique Winter Vacation Activities

by Royal Holiday

Winter may not seem like the best time to take a vacation, unless it’s to go see family over the holidays, but it can be a great time to get away. If you love the cold and the snow, you can participate in a wonderful world of activities that only happen when the mercury plunges. If you’re thinking of taking a winter vacation, consider heading to a destination where you can take part in any of the following diversions:

– Broom Ball. A game played on frozen lakes and ponds, broom ball takes the fun of hockey and removes the difficulty of skates and pucks. Using brooms or sticks that function like them, players slide around on the ice trying to push a rubber ball into a goal. The game provides a fun time for beginners and experts alike, and it’s featured at many winter events.

– Bar Stool Racing. For something a little crazier, you can head to a ski hill and try out bar stool racing, in which competitors put skis on bar stools and race to the bottom of a hill.

– Dog Sledding. If tales of the Iditarod have always captivated you, you may want to try a trip on a dog sled. In dog sledding, teams of large, strong dogs, often huskies or malamutes, pull sleds that carry people and goods. Organized dog sled tours can take you to beautiful backcountry vistas, and some guides provide hot chocolate and pastries for guests to enjoy on the trip.

– Sleigh Rides. There’s something undeniably romantic about cozying up in a horse-drawn sleigh with loved ones for a trip through a snowy landscape. Some sleigh ride operators offer sweet treats or a hearty meal along with the ride, and the experience makes a great outdoor activity for families with children.

– Inner-Tube Sledding. To cater to visitors looking for a thrill without the need for expensive ski equipment and lessons, some ski resorts have built special courses for downhill sledding in inner tubes. Many resorts are even vying to outdo each another by adding side-by-side racing lanes, jumps, and more.

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