Tips for Traveling in Large Groups

by Royal Holiday

Traveling with a large group can up the ante on every aspect of your vacation. On the one hand, going somewhere with a bunch of your best friends or favorite relatives can lead to even more special memories. On the other hand, trying to juggle the needs and wants of a lot of people can quickly become a nightmare. In order to ensure that your group trips ends up on a happy note, follow these tips:

– Research. It’s always important to know about your destination before you get there, but the problem of not knowing your options is exacerbated when you’re in a group. Make sure you know what you can do together, as well as separately, before you head out.

– Be inclusive and flexible in your planning. Take advantage of the things that each group member does best, and listen to everyone when trying to figure out group outings. Spread the work of planning the trip among people who gravitate toward it naturally, and be at pains to thank everyone for the work they do, even if it isn’t perfect.

– Don’t plan too much for a day. A large group typically moves slower than a small group or an individual, so if you’re an experienced traveler, you should count on doing less than you usually do in a day.

– Break up the group sometimes. Sticking together all the time on a group vacation can strain relationships. It can also mean that some people never get to do the things they’re looking forward to most. In order to avoid this, plan on providing everyone with the freedom to go off and do their own thing from time to time.

– Plan your transportation well. Make sure everyone has a comfortable way to get out on their own if they desire, whether it’s in a rental car or public transit. Otherwise, you may run into a situation where people are squabbling over too few vehicles when the group splits up.

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