Important Phone Numbers to Have When Traveling Internationally

by Royal Holiday

Emergencies can happen when you travel. You can’t prepare for all of them, but you can be ready for many of them by carrying important phone numbers with you. You may want to write them down and keep them in your wallet. Or you may just want to program them directly into your phone. Either way, make sure you have the phone numbers of the following people or organizations ready in case you need them.

– The airline travel reservations center. If you miss a connection or have a canceled flight, you’ll want to have this number in order to simplify rebooking. Sometimes you can reschedule your connecting flight before your delayed plane even takes off.

– The person or organization picking you up from the airport. It’s stressful wondering where your ride is, and it’s also unpleasant to show up to pick a person up in the afternoon only to discover that their plane has been delayed and they won’t arrive until the evening. Make sure you have this number on hand to keep your ride informed of any changes in your itinerary or in case you need to track them down after you arrive.

– The emergency services number in the country to which you’re traveling. In the United States and Canada, call 911. In New Zealand, dial 111. In Australia, dial 000. And in European countries, dial 112. For other countries, track down the emergency services numbers before you leave.

– Your bank or credit card company. If you lose your wallet or run into trouble with a card, you’ll want to have these numbers handy in order to get things sorted out.

– Your country’s consulate or embassy. Carry the address of these, as well, as they’ll be your lifeline for dealing with any serious problems when you’re in a foreign country.

– Your hotel’s front desk. You may need or want to contact your hotel, and you should carry its address, as well, in case you need to give it to a taxi driver or ask for directions.

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