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New York

The vibrant city of New York is full of culture, glamour, and unique buildings, welcomes more than 66 million visitors from all around the world each year. “The city that never sleeps” is decorated with skyscrapers and famous monuments that have marked the history and culture of the city.

New York

From the most iconic constructions, including the World Trade Center, to the small architectural details that reveal the diversity of the different neighborhoods in the city, art gives away the identity and history of this destination. We would love for you to get to know a little bit more about the city and the places you can’t miss during your visit, however, you’ll also find new hidden gems that we are sure you’ll love. To dive into the city we have for you a list of the unique buildings that you’ll find in New York City.


New York

This iconic statue is located on Liberty Island. It is a symbol of not only the city but the entire country. It was gifted to the United States by France in 1886 and ever since the “ lady in bronze” holding a torch, represents the value of liberty, and welcomes the immigrants that arrived at “the promised land”.

Seeing the statue from New York is beautiful, however, visiting the island is an experience that you can’t miss.


New York

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The Empire State Building is a symbol of New York City that is recognized worldwide. This architectural gem elevates through the horizon of Manhattan and it has been portrayed in multiple movies and shows. Built during the Great Depression in 1931, this skyscraper with Art Deco inspiration stands for the resilience of New York.

On the 86th floor, you’ll be able to find an open-air observation deck that wraps the building, giving you a beautiful and unique panoramic view of the city you won’t find anywhere else. This view is definitely worth your time.


New York

The World Trade Center, also known as the Freedom Tower is located in one of the busiest areas in New York and it is a tribute of strength where the World Trade Center towers were once standing. Inaugurated in 2014, this 104-stories skyscraper is the highest building in America.

This area serves as a symbol of hope and resilience that reminds everyone how it is possible to rise from the ashes.


Times square

The Longacre Square, most commonly known as Times Square is an explosion of lights, colors, and energy that has defined the atmosphere of New York City. Times Square is known for all the screens with advertisements that illuminate the streets of the city. It is also the center of entertainment and commerce of the city and it invites tourists to dive into the New Yorker experience. Don’t forget to take pictures by the Times Square stairs.


The Chrysler Building and its characteristics are a testament to the elegance and style of the Art Deco in New York. Built in 1930, this skyscraper stands out since it was one of the tallest buildings built in one of the shortest periods of time. Its unique design and its famous needle explore a wave of architectural creativity that flourished in the spring of the XX century.


The Brooklyn Bridge crosses the East River, and it is a testament to engineering advancements as well as visual and symbolic harmony and it has captivated the cinematic eye of hundreds of directors and producers.

It was built in 1883 and it was integrated and the biggest hanging bridge of its time. Nowadays you can go from one side to the other just walking while you take pictures of the beautiful view. Crossing by car is also an option, and although the visit might be shorter, the view of Manhattan will still be unique. Every building, monument, and bridge is an essential piece of the New York puzzle and it helps to make this city as unique and vibrant as it is.

We hope that by exploring these places you’ll dive into the real and authentic New York City. Travel through time and get to know all the secrets of this city.

Although these are some of the places you can’t miss in the city, New York is full of new adventures around every corner. Find some hidden gems in the Big Apple and get to know the history, resilience, and innovation of New York.

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