Planning ahead has its pros

by Royal Holiday

One of the many benefits of your Royal Holiday Membership It is that you have the flexibility to decide when, where to go, how long and at what hotel you want to spend your vacation. We all know that these variables influence the process when it comes to managing your Holiday Credits and making your reservations in advance will definitely provide many other benefits.

For example, you can take advantage of offers, promotions and discounts on airfare, even to travel during high season. By reserving in advance, you will surely get the flight and seat you want without waiting lists, and perhaps even book that package tour that is hard to get.

We recommend that whatever your choice, you make your reservation as soon as possible to guarantee the availability you need at the beach resort or destination you choose. If you choose to travel in low season, you know that hotels and resorts have more openings in the room you want, there are less people in the sites you plan to visit, and in general the service is better and prices are considerably lower.

Planning your holiday ahead also allows you to make comparisons, make the most of your time and your Membership benefits.

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