New York—a city of films

In addition to being one of the most interesting cities in the world, the monuments, parks, museums, theaters and streets of New York have formed the backdrop for countless films, the vast majority of them filled with life and color. Here are some of the most representative films shot in the Big Apple.   The […]

Enjoy the very best Mexico City Restaurants!

    Every year, the Culinaria Mexicana publishing house releases a list of the country’s 120 best restaurants for the coming year. It’s something a curatorial fête, but also a good way to keep up with Mexico’s incredibly dynamic and fast-changing culinary scene. The list functions as a guide and it’s widely available, at least for the first […]

Top Hacks for Traveling

Traveling and money have been and probably will be always related. However, a higher amount of money does not necessarily entail a better travel experience. Actually, this is one of the most controversial aspects on this issue since lots of people have their best vacation time they have ever spent when they did not to […]