Paris, the city of love

  This romantic destination is ideal for couples. Discover why with your Royal Holiday membership. Paris offers unending attractions, from the best- to the least-known. Read on for the city’s “must sees” with your best half.   The Eiffel Tower Gustavo Eiffel dedicated two years of his life to build this monument for the World […]

Europe on wheels. Discover it!

Some might think it is conveyance from the past. Yet, European trains offer many advantages for discovering the continent. Keep reading. Reliability Trains are one of the safest and most punctual transportation means in the world. In Europe, there are more than 150 thousand kilometers (over 93 thousand miles) of rail tracks spread out practically […]

Tips for Your Next European Train Trip

Planning to travel by train during your next trip to Europe? The following boarding tips can help to ensure that you have a safe and enjoyable journey: Take your seat. Some trains only have assigned seating, while others are reservation-free, and still others are a mix of the two. If your ticket has a carriage […]

VAT Refund Guide for Visitors to Europe

Have you lost your heart to a cashmere sweater that you saw in the window of a Paris department store, but don’t quite have the budget for it? Don’t give up yet. There’s a chance you may be able to knock up to 20% off the total shown on the price tag. Visitors to Europe […]

Tips on Budget Flights in Europe

In the 1990s, Europe deregulated its airlines, leading to a proliferation of remarkably inexpensive carriers. Opting for a budget flight can lead to serious savings if you plan to travel to several European cities during one vacation. Trips between major cities often run around $100, and in some cases they can cost significantly less. For […]