When to Book International Flights

For decades, travelers have wondered how far in advance they should book international flights. Tickets can be expensive, often amounting to the largest expense you’ll incur on your whole trip, and nobody wants to end up paying $100 more per ticket than they could have if they’d just timed things a little differently. In recent […]

Safety Tips for Cruise Excursions

When a cruise ship comes into a port, it broadcasts the presence of a large number of tourists who arrive at set times and usually travel to the same few locations. While most residents of the ports you visit will either ignore you or welcome you into their shops and eateries, criminals see opportunity in […]

Safety Tips for International Travel

International travel can broaden your horizons and create unforgettable memories. But you can’t always rely upon the tools and experience you use at home to stay safe in a foreign country. You may not speak the language, your smartphone may not work or cost too much to use effectively, and you may not have much […]