The Physiology of Jet Lag

The term “jet lag” is a fairly common one among air travelers, and it refers to the feeling of being out of sync with a new time zone after traveling a long distance. Given the number of people who regularly travel across several time zones, from global businesspeople and elite athletes to the flight crews […]

Great Travel Snacks

Good travel snacks can make the process of getting from one place to another a whole lot more enjoyable. Whether you’re taking a family road trip or getting on a plane for twelve hours, bringing the right food to satisfy cravings and keep your energy up will make your trip better. If you’re looking for […]

Tips for Traveling with Liquids

No matter how you travel, packing liquids can be tough. The limits on carrying liquids on board planes are well publicized and much bemoaned, but beyond that, they can leak or spill and cause a mess in your luggage even if you aren’t flying. So try these tips to keep liquids where they belong when […]

What to Do When Rain Dampens Your Vacation

Even if you plan your vacation perfectly by picking the right destination at a time of year when it almost always has great weather, any trip poses the threat of Mother Nature not cooperating. If your itinerary includes time blocked aside for relaxing on the beach or taking walking tours of a new city, it […]

How to Choose a Neck Pillow

Neck pillows, which are little more than cushions that wrap around the base of your head, come in a surprising number of varieties. Depending on your needs, one might be much better than the others, or they might all do the job adequately. Consider the following when picking a neck pillow to make sure you […]

Great Non-Electronic Gear for Traveling

A lot of focus is placed on electronic gadgets when we’re planning for trips. The Internet is packed full of lists of great doodads that will make a good vacation a little bit better, as long as you have access to electricity. But if you won’t have access to electricity, either for a short period […]