Paris, the city of love

  This romantic destination is ideal for couples. Discover why with your Royal Holiday membership. Paris offers unending attractions, from the best- to the least-known. Read on for the city’s “must sees” with your best half.   The Eiffel Tower Gustavo Eiffel dedicated two years of his life to build this monument for the World […]

Mexico City cooks up a feast of culinary adventures

Without a doubt, Mexico City offers one of the world’s most diverse culinary attractions, with more than 300 restaurants to choose from. Food lovers and connoisseurs can choose from the most sophisticated dining experiences to local street fare with regional flavors, and trusted home cooking in mom and pop eateries, as well as colorful marketplaces, […]

Enjoy the very best Mexico City Restaurants!

    Every year, the Culinaria Mexicana publishing house releases a list of the country’s 120 best restaurants for the coming year. It’s something a curatorial fête, but also a good way to keep up with Mexico’s incredibly dynamic and fast-changing culinary scene. The list functions as a guide and it’s widely available, at least for the first […]

Three Things to Do after Your Vacation

When you return from a vacation, you will most likely have many chores waiting for you. If you successfully detached yourself from work, your e-mail inbox may be overflowing. Friends and family may expect you to contact them to relate the details of your trip. Your home may need a little bit of attention as […]

What Is Travel Insurance?

Travel insurance offers protection against costly unexpected mishaps that can occur while a person travels. This type of policy may cover medical expenses stemming from an accident or illness, financial losses due to theft or lost luggage, or even problems caused by missed flights or travel companies going bankrupt. In certain cases, travel insurance comes […]