Miami, the shopping paradise

Miami is a spectacular city! Besides its beautiful beaches and all its attractions, it is an oasis for shopping addicts. Regardless your available budget, there are practically hundreds of options in Miami, for all tastes, from malls with exclusive brands, to gigantic outlets. There is a total of 22 shopping malls in Miami-Dade counties, and […]

The Best 5 Countries To Visit In 2017

Every October, the Lonely Planet Travel Guide releases their list of greatest destinations for travelers for the next year. The lists are divided into regions, cities, locations picked for their value and lastly, the category we will talk about today here in Royal Holiday Travel, countries. Why rack your brains trying to decide where to […]

Europe on wheels. Discover it!

Some might think it is conveyance from the past. Yet, European trains offer many advantages for discovering the continent. Keep reading. Reliability Trains are one of the safest and most punctual transportation means in the world. In Europe, there are more than 150 thousand kilometers (over 93 thousand miles) of rail tracks spread out practically […]