Three Things to Do after Your Vacation

When you return from a vacation, you will most likely have many chores waiting for you. If you successfully detached yourself from work, your e-mail inbox may be overflowing. Friends and family may expect you to contact them to relate the details of your trip. Your home may need a little bit of attention as […]

What Is Travel Insurance?

Travel insurance offers protection against costly unexpected mishaps that can occur while a person travels. This type of policy may cover medical expenses stemming from an accident or illness, financial losses due to theft or lost luggage, or even problems caused by missed flights or travel companies going bankrupt. In certain cases, travel insurance comes […]

Tips for Adventure Travel

Adventure travel isn’t your standard trip to the beach. By its very definition, it means stepping outside your boundaries and pushing yourself. This might mean traveling to a place where the customs are different from what you’re used to. Perhaps it means needing to acquire new skills or knowledge to keep yourself safe, or maybe […]

Travel Mistakes to Avoid

Not all trips go perfectly. You’re bound to make a few mistakes here and there, and for the most part these mishaps aren’t likely to have a serious impact on your vacation. Certain mistakes, however, can really ruin your trip. Make sure to avoid the following travel errors to make sure your vacation is everything […]

Tips for Using Your Smartphone Abroad

For many people, smartphones have become an integral part of daily life, particularly when traveling. Phones have apps for translation, maps, hotel reviews, and more, and it’s much easier to have one small device that does all those things than to try to carry a library of possibly outdated travel books. Using your smartphone abroad, […]