Planning your next vacation

When planning a trip it’s always important to be able to prepare with enough time in advanced to consider all the options. Here are some useful tips when starting to plan. Decide where to go First things first, what kind of vacation are you in the mood for? Depending on if you want an all-inclusive […]

An Overview of Cruise Ship Cabin Types

If you’re planning a cruise, it can seem like there is an overwhelming range of options, prices, and other considerations to sort through when choosing a cabin. But in terms of actual cabin type, most cabins fall into one of just four categories, each with different drawbacks and advantages: Interior Also called “inside” cabins, this […]

Sun Safety Tips for Summer Fun

Does your vacation destination this summer include a warm, sunny beach? Or some hiking or camping in the great outdoors? Whatever your holiday plans, if they include a lot of sunshine, make sure you protect yourself with these sun safety tips: Wear sunscreen. Not all sunscreens are effective. Use a broad-spectrum sunscreen that protects against […]