Perfect dining spots for an exquisite vacation

Not only is Cancún internationally famous for its spectacular beaches and fantastic hotels, but for its gastronomy. You’ll find unique dining spots where to treat your palate to an unforgettable culinary experience. These 5 restaurants offer some of the world’s finest gastronomy, according to Trip Advisor travelers. White Box, Gastrobar Blvd. Kukulcán Km 16.5, Zona […]

How to backpack like a pro

Are you looking for something different and exciting to do on your next vacation?  Something that will allow you to know different places and people?  Do you want to save money while traveling?  Go backpacking!  Yes, backpacking.  It’s one of the greatest and more adventurous ways to know the world. But don’t go packing your […]

How to spend a happy, hassle-free vacation

If you’re looking forward to your summer vacation and you’re daydreaming about your destination, we’re going to give you tips and advice on how to prepare for these days that you’re so eager about. First let’s take a look at the preparation stage of our trip. Documents and papers. Is everything in order? The first […]