An Overview of Cruise Ship Cabin Types

If you’re planning a cruise, it can seem like there is an overwhelming range of options, prices, and other considerations to sort through when choosing a cabin. But in terms of actual cabin type, most cabins fall into one of just four categories, each with different drawbacks and advantages: Interior Also called “inside” cabins, this […]

Easy Tips for Better Travel Photos

Do you want to transform your vacation photos from average snapshots into beautiful memories that you’ll want to look at again and again? These easy tips can help you take your photos to the next visual level, whether you’re using a high-end camera or your smartphone: Be sun smart. It’s a simple rule of thumb, […]

Travelling in the summer or fall?

When planning a vacation there are important things to take into consideration. How many days you’ll be spending, costs and season travelling – because every destination has its own season to be visited. One of the nicest advantages of your Royal Holiday membership is that it gives you the flexibility to choose when, where, how […]

Tips for Travelers With Food

Food allergies can make traveling a challenge, but they certainly don’t have to make it impossible. The following tips for advance planning and preparation can help travelers with allergies to stay safe and healthy while making the most of their trip. Be a card-carrying traveler. Allergy translation cards, also called “chef” cards, can be extremely […]

Car Rental Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Renting a car while on vacation is an extremely popular choice for travelers, and with good reason. A car allows you to visit places off the beaten track, operate on your own schedule, and generally enjoy more independence and flexibility. But be aware when you line up at that car rental counter that while the […]