Travel Mistakes to Avoid

Not all trips go perfectly. You’re bound to make a few mistakes here and there, and for the most part these mishaps aren’t likely to have a serious impact on your vacation. Certain mistakes, however, can really ruin your trip. Make sure to avoid the following travel errors to make sure your vacation is everything […]

Tips for Using Your Smartphone Abroad

For many people, smartphones have become an integral part of daily life, particularly when traveling. Phones have apps for translation, maps, hotel reviews, and more, and it’s much easier to have one small device that does all those things than to try to carry a library of possibly outdated travel books. Using your smartphone abroad, […]

Three Tips for Using a Rail Pass

In many places, if you’re planning a train trip, you have two basic options: purchase the tickets for each leg of your trip separately, or purchase a rail pass that covers multiple days of travel. Rail passes work differently in different places, but they tend to share some similar characteristics, and they often provide the […]

Safety Tips for Cruises

Cruises are usually a very safe way to take a vacation. While occasional mishaps do occur, the number of people who have trouble on cruise ships is remarkably small considering the millions of passengers who sail on them. The cruise lines follow rigorous regulations and rules to make the ships safe for passengers, but there […]

Are Planes, Cars, or Trains Safest?

Figuring out the safest way to travel can be a tricky thing, because what feels safest can be misleading. Plane crashes and train derailments, for example, generate big headlines and a corresponding amount of fear among travelers. Car travel, on the other hand, is so common that it can feel very comfortable, but car accidents […]

What Type of Vacation Fits You Best?

The word “vacation” means different things to different people. A vacation can be a trip to a famous city full of sights, sounds, and culinary delights, or a quiet, introspective week in the middle of nowhere without even the comforts of electricity and plumbing. When planning your next trip, think about what type of vacation […]