Planning ahead has its pros

One of the many benefits of your Royal Holiday Membership It is that you have the flexibility to decide when, where to go, how long and at what hotel you want to spend your vacation. We all know that these variables influence the process when it comes to managing your Holiday Credits and making your […]

Tips for Road Trips Abroad

A road trip in another country requires a little more preparation than a domestic one does. On top of sorting out the car rental, packing your bags, and planning an itinerary, you need to make sure you’re licensed and insured to drive in that country, as well as learn any differences in the rules of […]

Backpack or Suitcase?

Many people have strong preferences when it comes to traveling with a suitcase versus traveling with a backpack. Both types of luggage have strengths and weaknesses, however, and what suits you best will depend on your travel style and the particulars of your trip. Backpacks win in terms of mobility and flexibility. If your itinerary […]

What Is Travel Insurance?

Travel insurance offers protection against costly unexpected mishaps that can occur while a person travels. This type of policy may cover medical expenses stemming from an accident or illness, financial losses due to theft or lost luggage, or even problems caused by missed flights or travel companies going bankrupt. In certain cases, travel insurance comes […]

Tips for Adventure Travel

Adventure travel isn’t your standard trip to the beach. By its very definition, it means stepping outside your boundaries and pushing yourself. This might mean traveling to a place where the customs are different from what you’re used to. Perhaps it means needing to acquire new skills or knowledge to keep yourself safe, or maybe […]

How to Avoid Losing Your Luggage

Losing your luggage can suck the fun out of the best vacation, leaving you without access to clothing and other important items. For the most part, airlines do a good job of keeping track of your bags, but you should still take the following steps to minimize the chances of something going wrong: Invest in […]