Tips for Shopping Abroad

For some travelers, shopping is an essential part of any trip to a foreign country. In some cases, you’ll find items you can’t get anywhere else, and in others, you’ll be able to get them cheaper. No matter what you buy when you’re traveling abroad, from designer clothes in Italy to locally produced rum in […]

Tips for Environmentally Friendly Travel

Many of the world’s most popular travel destinations are so well loved precisely because of their delicate environments, so it makes sense that some travelers are concerned about protecting the environment when they go on vacation. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to minimize the environmental impact of your trip. If you’re interested in traveling […]

Using ATMs Abroad

For many travelers, ATMs provide the most convenient and least expensive way to get cash while traveling internationally. ATMs tend to offer the best exchange rates and may not charge transaction fees as high as those of local institutions. Using an ATM card abroad, however, can be a little different than using it at home, […]

Great Airplane Foods

Airline food has always had a reputation for being bad, and in recent years it’s become more expensive as airlines unbundle meals from basic tickets. Food at airports can be pretty hit or miss as well, with some places having great restaurants and others offering little more than fast food. Given this, the best way […]

How to Budget for a Vacation

For most people, planning a dream vacation means setting aside some money in advance. But before you can save up for your trip, you need to know exactly how much you’ll need. If you’re wondering how to figure out a budget for your next trip, take the following steps to put together a good plan: […]