Luggage Tips from Expert Travelers

The savviest travelers often know their luggage needs exactly. They’ve figured out which bags they need for specific kinds of trips, how to use their bags most efficiently, and how to avoid paying out the nose for bringing them along. To get the most out of your luggage, see the following tips: Maximize the personal […]

How to Use Ride-Sharing Services

Ride-sharing services have expanded drastically in recent years, becoming a billion-dollar industry and shaking up taxi and limousine markets around the world. When you use a ride-sharing service, you typically sign up for a ride through a smartphone app rather than hailing a taxi directly like you might have done a decade ago. Taking advantage […]

When to Book International Flights

For decades, travelers have wondered how far in advance they should book international flights. Tickets can be expensive, often amounting to the largest expense you’ll incur on your whole trip, and nobody wants to end up paying $100 more per ticket than they could have if they’d just timed things a little differently. In recent […]