Types de plages

Même si vous êtes un grand amateur de plage, il est fort probable que vous n’ayez pas entendu parler de tous les différents types de plages du monde. Les plages sont formées par l’effet de nombreuses forces naturelles. La quantité et le type de vagues définissent la grosseur des grains de sable. Les rochers et […]

Beach Safety Tips

Beaches are amazing places to take vacations. They can be a haven of warm, pleasant sunshine and surf far away from it all, a place to have a blast trying out new water sports, or a source of whimsy and adventure for kids. However, like other places where you interact directly with powerful forces of […]

Using Credit Cards Abroad

Using credit cards when traveling overseas can be very convenient, but to do so safely you need to know some basic information about your cards and your destination country. Different countries and banks have different protocols for credit card usage, so make sure you can answer the following questions prior to your departure: – Does […]

Conseils pour conduire en montagne

Les voyages à la montagne sont magnifiques, surtout si vous vivez dans un endroit plat. Cependant, conduire en montagne est un peu plus difficile qu’on ne le pense, il faut savoir maintenir une vitesse sécuritaire sans surchauffer les freins, mais aussi faire attention aux changements de climat brusques. Si vous avez l’intention de conduire en […]

Fall Vacation Photography Tips

For nature enthusiasts, fall is the season of leaves. The trees in temperate areas turn a dazzling variety of colors, and when combined with misty mornings or bright, cloudless blue skies, they can make for some unforgettable pictures. Some photographers make their living shooting fall foliage, and while you’re unlikely to match their skill without […]