Packing Tips for a Cold-Weather Vacation

The difference between enjoying a winter vacation and spending it shivering and cursing the weather often boils down to having the right clothing. Even if you’re not planning to summit a blizzard-cloaked mountain or climb tongues of ice up a glacier, having warm and waterproof clothing is necessary if you’re visiting a cold location. Make […]

Travel Umbrella Purchase Tips

If you’re heading to a rainy vacation destination, having the right umbrella can mean the difference between cursing a day of bad weather and enjoying your outing. Umbrellas come in a wide array of styles, from small and lightweight mini-umbrellas to heavy-duty models designed to function even in high winds. When purchasing an umbrella, keep […]

Tips for Mountain Driving

Traveling to the mountains can make for a breathtaking vacation, particularly if you are used to relatively flat vistas. However, driving on mountain roads poses challenges beyond the obvious, from figuring out how to maintain safe speeds without overheating your brakes to ensuring you can handle a quick change of weather. If you’re planning to […]

Types of Beaches

Even if you’re a dedicated beach enthusiast, you may not have experienced, or even heard about, all the different kinds of beaches in the world. Beaches are shaped by numerous forces. The amount and type of wave action governs the size of the grains of sand. The rocks and other materials available alter the makeup […]

When to Purchase Extra Legroom

As airlines squeeze more passengers onto planes, many have begun offering extra legroom for an additional fee on some of their flights. The upgrades usually aren’t all that expensive, and in some cases they may be worth it. If you’re considering purchasing legroom on your next flight, keep the following in mind: How much more […]