Tips for Hiking in Cool Weather

Hiking in cool weather poses different challenges than hiking in the heat. Even if you don’t take the plunge and go winter camping in subzero temperatures, rain and cold can sap your energy, wreck your day, and sometimes put you in danger. Stay safe and comfortable by keeping the following in mind if you’re planning […]

Great Apps for Long Flights

On many long-haul flights, airlines provide a host of in-flight entertainment options. But if you’ve already seen all the movies, or they simply don’t match your tastes, you may end up needing to entertain yourself for hours on end. If you have a smartphone or tablet, great apps can help to pass the time faster. […]

Great Travel Games

To arrive at a great vacation destination, you’ve first got to travel there. Those who have traveled long distances know that few things entertain travelers more than a great game. So, before you leave for your next trip, check out some of the following ways to have fun no matter how far you have to […]