Pick a Great Vacation Destination

For some people, choosing a vacation destination is easy. They have a list of trips they have always wanted to take, or they have friends who travel frequently and can make great suggestions. However, others find it hard to pick one place to visit out of the endless possibilities. If you’re having difficulty figuring out […]

Tips for Keeping a Vacation Journal

Keeping a journal on vacation sounds easy: bring a notebook, write a few things in it every day, and you’re done. However, in practice, it can be more difficult. Activities get in the way. You’re too tired, or you’re stymied by writer’s block when you sit down every night. A good journal can be an […]

Photo Etiquette on Vacation

For many people, taking photos constitutes an integral part of a good vacation. Sometimes that means snapping a shot of yourself or your family in front of a famous monument. Sometimes it means capturing that perfect sunset down on the beach. In those situations, photo etiquette is pretty straightforward, but in others, it can be […]