Good Reasons to Take a Long Vacation

Sometimes it’s hard to convince yourself to take a vacation. Money’s tight, or there’s just too much to be done at work or at home. Just about anyone can talk themselves out of a trip or into a shorter one, but there are several good reasons to take an extended vacation. Consider the following before […]

Things to Bring on a Romantic Getaway

A romantic getaway can recharge your relationship. In the face of kids, jobs, and other responsibilities, love can sometimes take a back seat. Traveling away from it all is a fantastic way to put your relationship with your significant other front and center again. Romantic getaways are a little different from the standard vacation, especially […]

The Holiday that keeps on Giving

Sometimes the far off places seem positively unreachable. Royal Holiday is designed to make sure you can get going, with confidence and regularity, not just this year but every year. Check out these tips so that your next break is even better than the last. 1. Research! Royal Holiday’s website is continually updated with the […]

When to Wear Flip-Flops on Vacation

Flip-flops can be great to wear on vacation. Their cultural association means that just putting them on can help to conjure up feelings of fun and relaxation. Their distinctive sound announces to everyone that you’re coming and ready for fun. They can also be an escape from the formality of day-to-day life and offer you […]

Rain Jacket, Poncho, or Umbrella?

If you’re caught in the rain while traveling, carrying the proper protection can mean the difference between soldiering through a bit of bad weather and having it completely ruin your day or even your whole trip. Most people trying to keep dry on a trip rely on one of three pieces of equipment: a poncho, […]

Tips for E-Readers at the Beach

E-readers can be a huge convenience on vacation. Rather than lugging a suitcase full of books, you can just slip in one small gadget, and as long as you’ve got your charger, you’re set for the trip. Not all e-readers are equal when it comes to outside reading, however, and if you’re planning to read […]