Enjoy an All-Inclusive Getaway at Park Royal Cozumel

Royal Holiday Travel offers the opportunity to create lasting Caribbean memories at its world-class Park Royal Cozumel beach resort. Whether you’re looking forward to taking leisurely strolls along the island’s beautiful beaches, a relaxing massage at the club’s exclusive spa, or the adventure of scuba diving amid coral reefs, Park Royal Cozumel is your place […]

Great Stretches for Long Trips

When traveling, most people spend a lot of their time sitting down. Doing so can be rough on your body, which has evolved over millions of years to primarily specialize in walking and standing. Muscles from your hips to your chest can tighten, and you may become intimately acquainted with some form of back pain. […]

All Inclusive or Vacation Condo? 5 Advantages to Each

Every year Royal Holiday vacation travelers come to Membership Services with a very similar question. Should I go with an All-Inclusive resort or with a vacation condo style resort? While each is loaded with advantages, it all comes down to how you want to go – and how you want to stay. Let’s take All-Inclusive […]