Documents to Carry when Travelling Overseas

When you travel overseas, you’ll need to take many documents with you. Some items are things you should bring on every trip, while others are a little more exotic. In either case, ending up without these documents can result in serious inconvenience. Before you leave, make sure you have the following so that you avoid […]

What to Bring When You Plan to Hike

Hiking can be a great addition to any vacation, and you can do it in many places. Whether you’re trekking along a beach in Central America or into the mountains in the United States, hiking lets you see the outdoors and access local culture. It’s also enjoyable at almost any age and requires very little […]

Amenities for Kids

Even if you’re a seasoned traveler, planning a vacation that your kids will enjoy can be difficult. Luckily, many resorts cater specifically to family travelers by offering amenities for children. These can range from goodie bags and in-room video games to kids-only clubs or even an ice-cream man. If you want to give your kids […]

How to Beat the Heat on Vacation

For many people, summer is the preferred time of year to travel, but it can mean tangling with a particularly nasty adversary in the form of heat. On top of making you uncomfortable and interfering with activities ranging from sightseeing to sleeping, hot weather can impact your health. So when you travel to a hot […]