What to pack for a cruise

Members of Royal Holiday can use their holiday credits to book cruises to destinations in South America, the Caribbean, and beyond. However, packing for a cruise is a little different from packing for a regular vacation. In addition to planning for several different ports, travelers need to take into account what they will be comfortable […]

Great Places to Travel in October

In the month of October, fall sweeps across the northern hemisphere. Days get shorter and colder, hurricanes threaten parts of North and Central America, and tourist numbers begin to decline at many summer getaways. For that reason, October can be a prime time to visit some of the world’s best vacation spots. The Caribbean, for […]

Traveling with Scuba Gear

Scuba diving can make a great addition to a tropical vacation. If you own your gear, you can usually save money at your destination by traveling with it. But traveling with scuba gear can present some difficulties, particularly if you’re unaware of its ins and outs. If you’re planning to take your scuba gear with […]