Tips for Wine Touring

If the thought of spending a few days cruising through a beautiful countryside drinking wine sounds like a good idea to you, you might enjoy a wine-tour vacation. Great wine-producing regions are located all over the world, from Napa and Sonoma in California to Old World standbys in France, Italy, and Germany, and many wineries […]

Nutrition Tips for Flying

It can be hard to eat healthfully while traveling. Airports are filled with opportunities to consume junk food, and sticking to your normal eating habits tends to be difficult when you’re on the move. Some foods and drinks are better or worse than others, however. To keep your body happy when you fly, keep the […]

Top Travel Accessories

Once you have the travel necessities you need like your passport, clothing, and currency sorted out, it’s time to get to the fun stuff. If you’ve packed well, you should still have plenty of room in your bag for some accessories to help you get the most out of your trip. What to bring will […]

An Introduction to Cruise Cabins

Cruise cabins come in four basic types: inside, outside, balcony, and suite. However, some cruise lines offer upward of 20 cabin categories per ship. If you’re new to cruises, the differences between them might be a little confusing. Selecting the right cabin type can have a huge influence on the quality of your cruise, so […]